The musings of a Sane Madman.

Life is like walking down the street. Sometimes you’ll see people constantly looking behind them. Others will be looking to their sides. And rarely, you’ll see people look straight ahead.

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How can they mess up this badly?

More Stories From My Grandma

More Stories From My Grandma

A few days ago I went to visit my grandmother and hung out at a Dunkin Donuts to catch up a bit. In the hour or so I was there I heard a couple more events from her life.

  • When she worked for the phone company she had met a man in the distribution area where they sold wires and pieces of equipment. The man was short and frail looking, and he was asking to buy some parts to build something but he…

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The End of My World: 4

The End of My World: 4

“Mirrium.” he said, looking up. “Mirrium!” he started struggling, pulling himself outward, and tore his shirt in long streaks. “Jack, please stop, youre going to get hurt more than you already are.” I tried to warn him but he wasn’t having any of that. He starting yelling for his wife while the bits of tree cut into his chest and stomach. I frantically tried cutting the remaining branches so he…

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The End of My World: 3

Note: Sorry about the delays. Been super busy with work and such so here is a slightly longer update.

Outside I saw no one on the road. In the distance I heard an ambulance’s siren making its way deeper into town. I’d hate to have been in the city though, when that bomb dropped. It’s probably just a hole now, if you’re lucky then there should be some buildings left. My neighbor’s house alarm was…

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I ran to the back yard where my wife and son was and saw no trace of them. “ALICE!…

I ran to the back yard where my wife and son was and saw no trace of them. “ALICE! HAL!” I yelled with a hoarse voice. Nothing. I frantically scanned the backyard for any trace of them. I found a shoe, size 4, Hal’s, laying sideways on the grass. I picked it up and turned around, that’s when I saw it. Two blackened outlines on the side of my house. Like a cave drawing and police sketch had a…

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The End of My World: 1

The End of My World: 1

It was a partly cloudy day, and I was working on installing a new seatbelt in my car, since the damn dog decided to chew through it. The pickup saw me through a lot of miles since I bought it a few years ago and I intend to keep it safe for my passengers for the next few. My wife, Alice, and my three-year old son, Hal, were in the back yard enjoying what was left of the brisk August evening with…

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It’s just been sitting in my room since comic con…

It’s just been sitting in my room since comic con…

Accurate representation of Michael’s staff and why it sucks working there.

The Knocking

It’s here. I don’t know what it is but I know its here. The knocking. The goddamn knocking. Earlier this evening I was sitting in my cabin on a ship to the Caribbean. The room isn’t much, there’s a bed, a bathroom down the hall, a tv at the foot of the bed, and a window to the port side of the boat. My window overlooks a life boat, but you can see the water if you lay on the bed. After watching some television later in the evening, I had drifted my interest out the window. I was watching the waves rise and fall for a few minutes when I saw a rippling in the water and the roundness of a dark green object surfacing until the rise and fall of a wave brought it down. I quickly closed the curtain and decided to get ready for bed, thinking it was nothing. I had gone to take a shower and as it struck 10:59 on my return, it began. Knocking. On the other side of the window I was looking out of. Knocks, 3 at a time, as if it were a friend outside wanting to get out of the cold. What the hell, how could someone get onto my balcony? It then became impatient. Knocks came like a drum on the window begging whatever it was to be let in. I looked out of the other side of the curtain to try to catch a peek of whoever my unwanted guest was, just a small peek to not let…it, know I was looking. I edged the curtain further, centimeter by centimeter, trying to see when an eye, round and yellow connected with mine. Skin, green as an algae ridden sea, taut back over the things body. Like a brittle old woman’s winter clothing briskly pulled on. And yellow eyes, round as a sphere, and as big as a golf ball watching with slit iris’ like a reptile. I gasped and fell back against the bed, the creature knew I was here for sure, and after one sharp slap against the window, I knew it wanted in more than ever. Just as I was about to bolt out of the room I heard a loud bang and a crash to the side, it had not wanted me anymore and has moved to the side and managed to knock the glass of my neighbor’s cabin window in. They probably left it half-open. Screams filled the room as the creature thrashed about attacking whoever was around it with ease. The stranger thing than a monster from the deep coming onto the 4th deck of a cruise liner unseen is that no one had come to the rescue of the unfortunate people next door. The coward that I am kicked in as I locked my own door and looked out the peep-hole, scanning the small space for anyone I could find to come and help the now silent victims of my effective ignorance. I watched as a long green arm loomed into view of the small circle. The creature had to be around 4 and a half feet tall with arms more than half its length stood outside my door. The body, dripped with water mingled with blood. I knew what it was going to do already, I pushed my thumb over the peephole and moved my feet out of the way of the crack under the door so that it wouldn’t be able to tell I was looking. I heard, and felt it lean its dripping body against my only exit, making a pink puddle that seeped into my cabin from the jam. A blow to the door shocked me off my awkward position a few feet back. Another blow, and another, its strength was impossible for something its size, impossible for the now possible being outside my door. Finally, a crack, small at first, enough for a gnarled and bony claw to poke through the hole. I saw as its yellow iris came to the new peephole and it raised it’s mouth and made a sharp whistling sound like a train about to leave station. It hypnotised me. I stopped everything, as I lay on the ground watching this creature now slam itself against the door until the lock gave to the pressure and let the foul beast in. The door swung open, the monster took a step in the threshold, just a mere foot or so away from me. SSSSSSSS! SSSSSSSS! It persisted on with its melancholic tune. It took another step into the doorway, lifted its scaly webbed hand and, while staring at me, knocked on the door. Knock…Knock…Knock…